Young Lobo is a Companion pet, offering no buff or function for players, other than following the player around once summoned.

It looks similar to the purchasable pet Young Wolf, but it is distinguished by its gray coat.

Description Edit

Binds when used.

Bond with this pet and learn how to summon it.

Once learned, it will read: Summons a Young Lobo.

How to Get Edit

Young Lobo drops off wolf mobs in the world. All world drop pets have a chance to drop off mobs of the same creature type, and the chance of a pet dropping is increased by the amount of times that mob has been killed. But there is no guarantee that farming mobs will drop a pet.

Since Young Lobo is not bound on pick up, it may also be available at the Auction House.

Mob Level Location
Brownpaw Wolf 1 Tanned Land
Prairie Wolf 1 Long Cliff Road, Arcadian Forest
Timber Wolf 2 Bolderwood, Arcadian Forest
Young Black Wolf 3 Arcadian Forest
Black Wolf 6 Arcadian Forest
Young Gray Wolf (Rare) 6 Arcadian Forest
Chasing Black Wolf (Elite) 7 Arcadian Forest
Sharp Teeth Wolf 8 Arcadian Forest
Forest Wolf 9 Tear Coast
Gray She-Wolf (Rare Blood) 9 Arcadian Forest
Sharp Teeth King (Rare Blood) 10 Arcadian Forest
Big Forest Wolf 12-13 Tear Coast
Mutant Dog 13 Bellshoal, Tear Coast
Crystalskin Wolf 15 Long Cliff Road, Tear Coast
Wood Lurker 16 Tear Coast
Mountain Wolf 18 Brown Wood, Tear Coast
Desert Tailchaser 41-42 The Great Desert
Blood Tailchaser 42-43 The Great Desert
Desert Wolf King (Rare Blood) 45 The Great Desert
Sand Storm Tailchaser 46-47 The Great Desert

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