You Can't Handle the Truth
Talk to Polishef, the prisoner. He is imprisoned inside a camp at the northern gate of the old ruins.
Quest Info
Start Loshiry
Location Vega Square
Previous Next

Quest Text Edit


Loshiry - "For a long time, I have wondered what every Eristar has wondered... Why did The One betray us?

We captured a man named Polishef recently. He says that he knows the answer to our question... but that we are not prepared to hear it.

I want to know the reason. Please talk to him... Find out what he knows."


Polishef - "So they sent an outsider to whittle away at my mind, did they? To pick at my brain, to learn what it holds?... Ha! What could you possibly know? What could you possibly understand?

I tried telling them. Is it my fault that they wouldn't listen? No, no, I think not, no, no!

Our Deity... Our one, our one... He exists to protect, yes, yes. He is a shield! You see? He is a shield of their own making! He is good, good! Good, I promise! But he did not ask to be here. He is here to help them. To save them. To save US!...

Go away. No more questions!"

You - "Nice talking to you."


Loshiry - We understand, but... We will never forgive. We are at war with The One."

Walk-through Edit

Go to the teleport in Vega Square. There a two Eristar Guards standing around a guy sitting on the ground. The guy on the ground is Polishef, talk to him. Scroll down and select your talk option. Return to Loshiry.

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