Worm's Corpse
Talk to Kukutalri.
Quest Info
Start Umano, Chieftain of Glimmermoor
Prerequisite Dreadful Worm
Location Glimmermoor
Rewards none
Previous Next
Dreadful Worm none

Quest Text Edit


Umano - "Ah, Ranger, I hear you've slain the legendary Giant Death Worm. Heh. Yes, I know all about Kukutalri's delusions. What can I say? These people, they spend too much time around mushrooms.

When I was just a boy, my father took me to a waterfall. I was afraid of the fog; the shadows within it seemed to move with their own sinister life. But he showed me that what I took to be monsters were really just birds and lizards and leaping fishes.

We must work together, you and I, and erect a shining city of reason amidst this swamp of ignorance.


Kukutalri - "This?! THIS? No. This isn't what I saw. What I saw was... beyond Human comprehension.

This is... I've seen these before. No. This is not what I saw."

Walk-through Edit

Go talk to Kukutalri who is outside in the central area of the village.

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