Weaken their Force
Kill 10 Crystal Robbers and 10 Crystal Thieves
Quest Info
Start Luann, Foreman
End Luann, Foreman
Prerequisite Inspecting the Cave
Location Crystal Mine
Rewards Armor and Silver
Previous Next
Get Some Crystal Letter in Cave

Quest Text Edit

We may've bought some time, but I can't stand sitting around like this with my thumb up my butt. I got little mouths to feed. I need production up and running.

I don't know who these cretins are or where they came from or what they want... I just know that I want them gone. Maybe if you kill a few, the rest of 'em will get the idea and scram.

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Yellow Gossamer Robe
  • Crocodile Leather Vest
  • Brave Plate Mail Carapace

16 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Head back to the mine and kill Crystal Robbers and Thieves, level 15.

Be sure to go all the way into the mine to find a scroll which begins the quest Lett in Cave.

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