Walking Corpses
Kill 20 Undead Eristars, including Zombies or Skeletons.
Quest Info
Start Karsmai, Cruel Butcher
End Karsmai, Curel Butcher
Location Vega Square
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
Ancient Honor The Pretender

Quest Text Edit

Karsmai, Curel Butcher - "You came.

Pardon me but... I've almost forgotten how to greet guests. How did they act when they decided to send you here? Did they seem angry with me? Did they seem scared?

We don't like to kill any Eristars. But here in the frontier, a warrior has no choice. So they call me Karsmai the Cruel Butcher and I've accepted it as my nickname.

My heart is tired today Would you be willing to help me send some of my undead brethren into the arms of The One?"


Karsmai, Cruel Butcher - "Good work."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Eristar Monk's Robe
  • Cya Soul Robe
  • Undead Detective Leather Vest

69 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Head into the ruins and kill the undead. Return to Karsmai, Cruel Butcher.

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