Vookie Needs Help
Cross the gateway to arive at Port Eversummer in the Whispering Islands, and talk to Vookie who will wait for you there.
Quest Info
Start Captain Vookie (Port Verecy)
End Captain Vookie (Port Eversummer)
Prerequisite An Opaque Request
Location Port Verecy
Rewards none
Previous Next
An Opaque Request none

Quest Text Edit


Captain Vookie - "Why do you wear that expression on your face? Surely you've seen an Eristart before?

Perhaps not. We are a race seldom seen on this continent. I came here from islands in the northern ocean.

My people could use the ehlp of a free mind such as yours. If you want to know more, cross the gateway and find me in our homeland... The Whispering Islands. I will wait for you at Port Eversummer."


Captain Vookie - "Don't be surprised, Ranger. Most of us that you meet here are psions, capable of astral projection and teleportation... I would've projected you with me, but that's simply not possible.

Welcome to the Whispering Islands. Now that yo're here, speak with Masharon. He will enlighten you."

Walk-through Edit

Go to the teleport and select Port Eversummer. (Click on world map, then on Whispering Islands) Head down to the docks next to the mail box and speak to Captain Vookie.

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