Drunkard Tingel offers the introduction quest to the Vintage Festival: The Brew of the Soul. He is located in front of the Greenmont teleport.

Quests Edit

[25] The Brew of the Soul Edit

Objective: Find the Soul Brewing Region and talk to Cornell.
When entering the Soul Brewing Island, walk straight forward to find Cornell.
Completion: Welcome, lucky visitor. You've just found the Soul Brewing Region!

[25] Join the Fun! Edit

Pre-requisite of the daily quests below.
Objective: Talk to Ciara.
Go back to where you entered the island and go up the stairs. Turn left and you'll find Ciara next to The Brewing Machine.
Completion: Welcome to the festival! I hope you have a good time! If you're interested, we've even got a brewing machine that will let you make your own spirits!

[25] Flower Power (Daily) Edit

Objective: Bring the Mellow Hop Flowers to Ciara.
Go back in the direction where you came from and go back down the stairs. Turn right and keep going til you see the field of flowers.The mellow hop flower will be all over the ground.
Completion: Ah, what a good eye you have! These flowers are wonderful.

[25] Great Grapes! (Daily) Edit

Objective: Bring the Crystal Grapes to Mojo.
Go back in the direction where you came from, and turn left at the gate with the stairs. Go up the stairs by the Vintage festival Deer mounts. The grapes will be in buckets on the ground.
Completion: How wonderful! Look how uniform and perfect each one of these grapes is. No doubt we'll be able to make something amazing with them.

[70] Feel the Burn! (Daily) Edit

Objective: Find Leaping Purple Fire. 0/1
Find Leaping Purple Fire in the following dungeons in Legend mode:

Rising Flare: Chasing Shadow
Rising Flare: Into the Darkness
Rising Flare: Burn Out the Night
Stardust Realm

Completion: Ah! This is just what I need. I know it seems rough, but trust me -- once you try this spirit, you won't switch back!

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