"Does all this standing around have a point?"

Vigelos is a rather challenging hero to use. He needs a guardian or a fighter in order to become powerful. This is because a lot of players tend to aim him due to his short health and lack of physical defence and magical defence. His strongest ability is  the second ability (Arcane Missile) train this ability frequently and I suggest you to use the third (Weakening Aura) and Arcane Missile simultaneously to increase damage.

The  first ability is way cool. He can deal up to 100-500 damage (with weakening aura) and I suggest you to use it when your target starts running. Use arcane missile when you confront him. Sometimes, use the last ability (Mirror Image) in the bush to confuse your enemies. By the way, I prefer using frost bolt with the correct tablet.

Destructive, undeniable. But he is too soft and become most's target. Good luck!

Items I recommend:

1 Arrogance cloak

1 Boots of the Tempest

1 Saithon Lolipop

1 Searing Orb

1 Hades Armour

1 Fername's Blade                                                                                                     -theunknown99 A stealth asassin

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