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The Tale

2000 years ago in the land of Haradon, there was a battle between the rulers at the time, The Orks, and the invading species, The Elves and Humans. This battle was so firce that thousands of brave soldies died, and the battle was so big, that women and children had to flee for their lives, without their fathers.

The battle for Haradon lasted 200 years, Kings and Emporers had come and passed, but the fury still went on... Until one day... The 21st November 481 AD... Cosmo, lord of chaos rose the corpses of the soldies back from the dead, to create a new race, his race, the Undead. Cosmo had his army of thousands fight back the other races... and they were winning. The Elves were forced to retreat into the jungle of the Whispering Isles, the Orcs had to run to find cover amongst the barren Tanned Lands, and the humans were pushed back over the hills to the Arcadian Forest. It seemed there was no hope for any sanity amongst the land.


Jumbo, the Ork King of the Tanned Lands recieved a plead for truce between them and the Humans. Later so did Emzi, Head of the Elves. A plan was devised, a plan so great it could overthrow Cosmo, and release the souls of the undead.

30 years after Cosmo overthrew Haradon, he had been defeated and imprisoned for eternity. The Undead were free. Knobby, lead monk of the Undead proposed truce between the nations, a truce, that all nations accepted, Half Heartedly. Today, silent wars still carry on, behind close doors and within the wilderness of the lands between the nations, but life is better now, than it was under the rein of Cosmo.

How to JoinEdit

Message one of these players mentioned below in-game on the Observer's Market server, and we will be glad to accept you into our guild, no matter of your experience or level.









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