Vega Square is the main PvP area in
IMG 1380
The Whispering Islands. Players are advised not to enter the area until they are at least level 30! PvP killing and graveyard camping is very common in the area so do not linger. Taking a teleport rune with you is also advised.

There are many quests to be received in this establishment, including a daily quest.

Quests Edit

Quests that can be started in Vega Square are found below. Since this is a PvP area it is a good idea to have a War-Free Brand on you so you can quest attack free.

A Guard on an Isolated Island

Bear Meat

Before the Front Lines (Daily)

City of Ruin (Daily)

Dangerous Enemy: The Fallen

Echoes! Voices!

Guardian Spirits

Soul Tower

Stones in Ruins

The Pretender

Walking Corpses

We Deliver

You Can't Handle the Truth

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