Released September 22, 2015.


When the blood moon rises, the Oni's temple returns...
Within lies great treasure -- and great terror!
Come visit the new area of Ghost Island, where many monsters of Asian mythology reside -- can you take on Akaoni's challenge?
Defeat him, and you may even return to Haradon with a glorious new mount: the Okami!
You can access the Ghost Island from the Mist Trader Base Camp in Arcadian Forest. The Island is open until October 13th, 2015.[1]

New Event: Ghost Nocturnal FestivalEdit

  • The Ghost Nocturnal is now available!
  • There are many strange monsters and wonderful items!
  • An odd stranger called "Poor Guy" will appear in Greenmont.
  • If you participate every day, you'll reap all kinds of fantastic rewards.


  • The Ghost Nocturnal will be over in 3 weeks.

V3.0.0.4 news-0

Maintenance Notes Edit

Servers will go offline at 8:30AM BST (UTC +1), for opening of new in-game event.

There will also be bug fixes and adjustments to Mage's Talents

Expected downtime will be about 4 hours.[2]

V3.0.0.4 notes

References Edit

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