Released March 17, 2015.

Legends has it, when the Sakura trees bloom, all of Haradon is replenished with new life!
Celebrate the Sakura festival with new quests to be completed! Collect the Cherry Blossoms and exchange them for rewards, including two new pets: Cheririn and Chun Hyang (requires 65 Cherry Blossoms each)!
You can join in the festivities to the east of Bellshoal.
This event will run for 2 weeks until 31st March 2015![1]

New Event: Cherry Blossom FestivalEdit

  • Cherry Blossom Festival is now available.
  • Cherry Blossom Slope will appear in the Tear Coast.
  • During the festival, you can get many delicious snacks, new pets and rare hats.


  • The Cherry Blossom Festival will be over in 2 weeks.


  • The requirement skill for “Handbook: Hero's Swansong” has been changed to Legendary Garment. (The description will be fixed in the next update.)


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