They Came from Legend
Kill a Borlock Commander.
Quest Info
Start Bhatuois
End Bhatuois
Location Sdukar
Rewards Armor
Previous Next

Quest Text Edit


Bhatuois - "The fear and shame they experienced thousands of years ago when Anataavian brought down his mace, destroying their demonic army and forming a crater in the sand... The demons still feel it to this day. So they dare not approach our city... yet.

We must strike while their forces are still gathering. The mindless minions depend on the Borlock Commanders for guidance and courage. Slaying the Borlocks will leave the demons feeling broken and vulnerable.

Find one of their Borlock leaders and send it back to the hell from whence it came."


Bhatuois - "Those who cannot think for themselves are lost without leaders."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Enveloped Cloak
  • Blood Tower Flamen's Mittens

1G 6S

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