The Question Is Who
Ask Arguate Jim about the clues.
Quest Info
Start Luann, Foreman
End Argute Jim
Prerequisite Letter in the Cave
Location Crystal Mine, tent
Rewards Silver
Previous Next
Letter in Cave Give and Take

Quest Text Edit

We got two clues no. One is your charred letter. The other is this peculiar emblem one of my guys found nearby.

If you feel like poking into this take these clues to Argute Jim. He's our nosy parker.

Personally, I can't stand the worm. He's always talking behind my back. But he's got that way of knowing everything about everything. He might be able to help us figure out who these bandits are and what they were after.

Reward Edit

Four Silver

Walk-through Edit

Go to Argute Jim is is in the area of the tent and speak to him.

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