The Pebble Path
Go and look for clues left behind by his daughter.
Quest Info
Start Olande
End Olande
Prerequisite Retired Sheriff
Location Miskatonia
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
Retired Sheriff Hermit in the Forest

Quest Text Edit


Olande - "Do you know what my daughter's favorite tale was? The one about the brother and sister whose parents abandon them in the middle of a deep, dark wood, and they use their wits to survive and return home. She used to make me read it to her over and over. She loved how the children left little white pebbles to mark their path through the moonlit forest.

I found pieces of her favorite little pocket mirror - it belonged to her mother may she rest with the Eternals - scattered in the street. I'm sure she left i there on purpose.

I need someone to help me find the rest of her trail... I'm old, my eyes don't see like they used to. Will you help me?"


Olande - "Oh my beautiful little June... I'm sorry I wasn't with you baby... Daddy's so sorry... Who would do this...?"

(The Sheriff weeps quietly.)

Reward Edit

Choose one:

Swamp Spider Leather Mitts

Vicious Naga Plate Mail Grips

and 41 Silver

Required Edit

Girl's Necklace

Walk-through Edit

Follow the quest arrow to a cave entrance. Gather from a body on the ground and get the Girl's Necklace. Return to Olande.

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