The Orc Shaman's Tale
Tell Farekron his destiny according to Burunada.
Quest Info
Start Burunada
End Farekron
Prerequisite How to Make the Big Mojo
Location Storm Cape
Rewards Weapon
Previous Next
How to Make the Big Mojo none

Quest Text Edit


Burunada - "You are gathering around for hearing my tale. It is being a tale of Orc shamans for many lifetimes.

It was passing many thousands year ago. Big War of Gods. There was living Safarius, big goblin inventor. He is making many mechanical creatures and wonders. But he is refusing to join Gods Law against Lords of Chaos, and so is all the goblin race refusing.

Gods of Law, they are winning this war. Punishment is happening to goblins. Gods of Law, they are taking away the bolin thinking. But there is being one god Asthartos, and he is pitying inventive Safarius. So he is making secret decree: every fuve hundred years, a goblin is aring who is carrying the thinks of all goblin race. Like Safarius, big invention mojo. And he is having a chance to redeeming goblins.

Here I am giving my prophecy: this one Farekron is such a one in five hundred years."


Farekron - "This Orc shaman Buruada has explained my nature like no one else could ! At last I know my fate has meaning; my loneliness is not merely a prison sentence to be endured... It is a doorway to freedom..."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Phantom Staff
  • Fallen Star
  • Edge of Surge Billow
  • Sathlenar Handbow

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