The one

The One

The One is a being who is neither alive or dead. It is both nobody and everybody. Worshipped for years as God of the Eristars, The One has since brainwashed most of the Eristars and bent them to his will. Note that he is level "75", 5 levels higher than the max for players.

He is located in Tower of the Fallen, which is north-east of Hall of Reverie in The Whispering Islands

You need to speak to him in order to complete the quest:

The One and Only


The One: Why do you approach me, mortal? Speak.

  • Who are you?
  • Why do you control your adherents?
  • Aren't you depriving the Eristars of their freedom? Freedom to choose good or evil, suffering or stillness, this or that?
  • Farewell

The One: We are the people. The people are us. When you decide, do you thereby deprive yourself of your decision? No.

  • The Eristars BELIEVE you've deprived them of their will!
  • You said you... or the Eristars... made you because they needed you. Or you needed you. Something like that! Either way, that's desire - that's - according to you, anyway -- that's suffering!
  • You know what I think? You can't just paper over the conflicts between you and the Eristars by saying "we" this and "we" that. You're not a supreme being -- you're just in denial! About everything! You say something is so and pretend that makes it so -- even when the facts directly contradict you!
  • Here's a question for you. If the Eristars desire to be free of you... does that mean you desire to be free of yourself? Will you then grant them that freedom, because you desire it as well?

The One: Yes.

  • Oh. Guess I should've started there. OK... Well... Thank you!

The One: You are welcome.

  • I will tell them what you said. Farewell.