The Missing Pumpkin King
Find Titus Drake in the Under Realm.
Quest Info
Start Mr. Kent
End Titus Drake
Level 25
Location Greenmont
Rewards 5 Bat Coin(s)
Previous Next
none That's One Way to Get a Head!

The Missing Pumpkin King is the introduction quest to the Halloween Festival, leading the player to Ghost Manor in Under Realm.

Objective Edit

Find Titus Drake in the Under Realm.

Quest Text Edit

Hello, <name>! Perhaps you could do this old farmer a favor...

I grew a massive pumpkin this year -- why, you could say it was the king of the pumpkins! The only problem is that a headless horseman stole it!

That horseman is on his way to the Under Realm now! If you tracked him down for me, I would be forever grateful.

Perhaps somebody in the Under Realm could lead you to my precious pumpkin...

Completion Edit

I'd never seen such a big pumpkin until I saw the horseman take it to the manor yonder... My manor, in fact!

Reward Edit

5 Bat Coin(s)

Quest Progression Edit

Update Notes Edit

Update v2.7.0 (Oct. 15, 2015): Added.

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