The Key
Someone nearby may know something about the key. Show the key to the ghost of Valan Anioah.
Quest Info
Start Chest
End Valan Anioah
Location Eristar Graveyard
Previous Next

Quest Text Edit


(You opened the treasure chest.)

(Surprisingly, there is no money or jewelry in the chest, only a silver key that lies on the bottom.)

(The key is partly red and shiny, but silver on the left side. The edge has many abstract patterns, but the body of the key is just a small bar. There are no key teeth, or notches, just a simple column.)

(Staring at the key, you have a strange thought. You feel as if you'll forget the key as soon as you look away. It doesn't seem like a specific key, but rather a symbol of all keys.)


Valan Anioah - "I have read almost every book in every library known, even the library of the dragons.

But I have never seen anything quite like this... No book or legend has ever mentioned such a perfect object.

I will keep it for you, with your permission, until I find out exactly what it is."

Receive Edit

Anhi's Perfect Key

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