Quests can be started by talking to NPCs with golden scrolls above their heads. Simply follow the blue arrow to find out where to go next, until you complete the quest.

Quest Name Questgiver Level Requirement Objective Exp Gained Gold Received Item Rewarded
Shiny Trinkets Ranwiir 45 Loot 5 Flashing Trinkets from Saithion Priests 7050 1Gold33 Silver
Uncle and Nephew Samarian 45 Talk to Ronour. 1175 - -
My Real Desert Flower Ronour 45 Talk to Hijad 1175 - -
The Bride Price Hijad 45 Kill and skin 10 Giant Fang Chameleons . 7050 1Gold33Silver
Undead eyes on the prize Magdalene Spoilwhisper 47 Kill 10 Sacrathar Tribesmen 7350 1Gold44 Silver
Crimson Crystals Silver Helm 47 Get a fragile crimson crystal 7350 1Gold44 Silver
  • Graceful Spirit Amice
  • Crystal Guard's Pendant

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