The Ghost of Storm Cape
Find the Ghost Captain Haien.
Quest Info
Start Captain Raisc
End Haien, Ghost Captain
Prerequisite none
Location Port Verecy, docks
Rewards none
Previous Next
none Life Without Flesh

Quest Text Edit


Captain Raisc - "Welcome, stranger. Are you here because of the Ghost Captain of Storm Cape? Never heard of him? Allow me to tell the tale.

One moonlit night a pirate crew spotted a lone ship moored just off the coast to the northeast The night was so quiet, the waters so still, they could hear the creaking of her rigging and groaning of her timbers from three leagues off. They made for her post-haste, and as they drew near, they spotted a man dressed in strange, almost archaic garb, stalking the decks as though engrossed in troubled throughts. They fired upon him then, but he seemed untroubled by the volley of arrows that thunked into the boards all around him. And then the scudding clouds parted, a shaft of moonlight struck the captain 0 and they could see the mast behind him, the rigging, and the ocean boyond... for he was transparent! The pirates fled, and ever since the waters 'round here have been deemed cursed...

Business was once brisk in these parts ... but we have fallen on hard times. Will you go and find this ghost, and perhaps find a way to dispel him?"

Walk-through Edit

Go for a swim and follow your quest arrow to a section of beach with a dock. Talk to Haien on the dock.

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