The Eristars
Talk to Raveen
Quest Info
Start Mashorin
End Raveen
Prerequisite none
Location Port Eversummer
Rewards none
Previous Next
none Blood Brothers

Quest Text Edit


Mashorin - "Welcome to the Whispering Islands, Elf.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Mashorin, heir of the Eristars. I am a Waker... In our language, a Waker is someone who has broken free from The On'es control and has regained his or her individual personality.

Sadly, many of our brethren are still under The One's control.

If you have a good heart and would be so kind as to help us, please speak to Raveen, our leader."


Raveen - "Mashorin tells me you might be willing to help us."

Walk-through Edit

Raveen is also in Port Eversummer. Go speak to him

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