The Edge Lands is a large area that exists outside of the game area. It is made up of blocks, and contains

The Desert of Not-Blend where texture blending is disabled, probably for optimisation reasons.

strange geometry and texturing. Textures mostly lack blending, and are stretched over large, sliced pieces of terrain.

Much like in World Of Warcraft it is possible to leave the game area by climbing over mountains. They are difficult to climb over, and takes much trial and error. Monsters do not spawn in the Edge Lands. The Edge Lands have been likened to the Edge Lands in

Minecraft, and the Secret Worlds of Metroid 2. In WoW, accessing the Edge Lands equivalent is a bannable offence. In Order and Chaos, they are harder to access, and thus probably won't become a bannable offence, though it is always possible.


Using the Edge Lands, it is very easy to Quick-Travel safely thanks to the flat terrain and open sea.


An example of quick travelling using the Edge Lands.

Accessing the Edge LandsEdit

The Easiest route is from a hill near the Waterby graveyard. Keep trying to get up terrain that looks climbable, and try to avoid jumping. Do not use Auto-Run, as you will get stuck pretty quick, or will slip off and slide right to the bottom of the hill.


The Endless Sea of Vooid, a large square area of water that stretches into the distance for miles.

It is possible to access the Edge Lands by accident when exploring the mountains near Silence.


Much like in Minecraft, WoW and Metroid 2, the Edge Lands are likely a developer oversight.


Sliced Terrain, an artifact of development methods used by GameLoft.

As Minecraft it was expected that the player would not be able to access this area without cheating. As with WoW, the developers did not expect players to manage to climb over the mountains to get there, so didn't bother doing anything with the area. The mismatched textures and vertex terrain is down to the lack of polish the area has.

Terrain Spikes are likely to be caused by accidental terrain forming during development.

The FutureEdit

The future of the Edge Lands is uncertain. It is likely that they will always remain, as so few players are able to

Terrain Spike. Likely caused by accident during development.

access this strange region of the game. It is possible, however, that invisible boundries could be placed around the mountains in an attempt to cull the number of players gaining access.


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