The Black Deity of Siithrax
Copy the inscription on the black statue in the Saithion settlement of Siithrax.
Quest Info
Start Healoncv
End Lirus
Prerequisite Under Siege
Location Bordhill
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
Under Siege No Mercy

Quest Text Edit


Healoncv - "It's been quiet here for some days, but we mustn't let that lull us into inaction. The Saithion are a cunning people with their own society, culture, and religion. They have their reasons for making war upon us... and we need to better understand those reasons in order to safeguard ourselves.

We know the Saithion of Siithrax worship some kind of ebony statue of their deity in the northern part of their settlement. If you go there, copy down the inscription on the statue and bring it to Sister Lirus. She's been studying the Saithion language and may be able to decipher it."


Lirus - "Ah! Very good! The peculiarities of this language are quite striking. Let's see what this tells us."

Reward Edit

Purple Gossamer Shoes

Wild Wisdom Shoes

Swamp Crocodile Leather Mitts

24 Silver

Required Edit

Siithrax statue inscription

Walk-through Edit

Follow the road west out of town. Take a right at the road post, and follow through the swamp into the settelment. Take a second right under the bridge, and in the cul de sac is the statue. Click on the statue to take the rubbing. Head back to Bordhill. Finish by talking to Lirus.

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