Templates are tools used by contributers to save time and add consistency to the wiki as a whole. They are used where information is displayed in a consistent way but with different values for each page.

For example, contributers can use the monsters template, when creating a new page for an undocumented monster. To add the template, simply write {{Monsters}} into your page and then click 'preview'. You will see an empty table that needs to be filled in. To fill the table in, click 'edit' and then hover your mouse over the green jigsaw piece and click 'edit' again. From here you will be prompted to fill in the details of the monster, including it's name, combat level and so on. If you do not know what to write for a box, just leave it blank.

Other templates are used to place images into pages that are used many times over and over.

For example, you can use Gold, Silver, Copper instead if Gold, Silver, Copper. To use this simply write {{g}} or {{s}} or {{c}} and the images will shop up the next time you preview or publish the page.

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