Quests can be started by talking to NPCs with golden scrolls above their heads. Simply follow the blue arrow to find out where to go next, until you complete the quest.

Quest Name Questgiver Objective Exp Gained Gold Received Item Rewarded
Go and See ? Report to Captain Bollen 300 3 Silver 0Copper -
Get Their Plans! Bollen (Guard Captain) Find the Snook battle plans. 1300 13 Silver 0Copper -
Bastards of Port Bollen (Guard Captain) Talk to One-Eyed Ruphias. 325 3 Silver 25Copper -
Buccaneer Crisis Farrith (Guard) Kill 8 Snook Buccaneer Robbers, 4 Mages & 4 Assissins. 1500 11 Silver 0 Copper

Yellow Gossamer Mittens

Crocodile Leather Mitts

or Brave Plate Mail Grips

Pay the Debt Gas Pippy Gather Gas Pippy's debt from Nicolai, Harlen Santos & Old Pamil 960 12 Silver 0 Copper -
Skin Business Royce (Butcher) Kill Saltwater Crocodiles & get polluted saltwater skin ? 10 Silver 0 Copper

Tremor Cloak or Witch's Cape

and Beast Soul Staff

Saving Private Nyar Captain White Go find Private Nyar ? - -
Message for Bellshoal Private Nyar Bring Nyar's letter to Bollen ? 5 Silver 0 Copper -
Flesh Delivery Monne Stuward Gather Boar/Wolf Meat 1200 9 Silver 0 Copper

Yellow Gossamer Shoes

Crocodile Leather Boots

Brave Plate Mail Boots

The Captain's Head Bollen (Guard Captain) Kill Snook's men and get his head ? 21 Silver 0 Copper

Yellow Gossamer Hood

Crocodile Leather Hood

Brave Plate Mail grips

Bar Girl's Schedule One-Eyed Ruphias Get Nancy's Work Schedule ? 3 Silver 25 Copper -
The Dogs! One-Eyed Ruphias Kill a Mutant Dog. ? 14 Silver 0 Copper -
Clean up the way Adward Berry Kill 8 Coast Bulettes ? 14 Silver 0 Copper -
The Suspicious Lighthouse Lord Dugen Find Ruuk near the lighthouse ? 3 Silver 75 Copper -
Clean Up the Way Kill 8 Coast Bulettes & go to Ruuk 14 Silver 0 Copper -
Demon Blood Sample Get 10 Demon Bloog Samples -
Warn Lord Dugan 4 Silver 50 Copper -
EXAMPLE Edgar (Sheriff) Obtain 6 Bone Necklace from Goblin Saboteur 300 1 Silver 4Copper
  • Fading Scholar's Boots (3 Armor - All class)
  • Dust Covered Gloves (11 Armor - Warrior, Ranger)

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