Quests can be started by talking to NPCs with golden scrolls above their heads. Simply follow the blue arrow to find out where to go next, until you complete the quest.

Quest Name Questgiver Objective Exp Gained Gold Received Item Rewarded
The Tiny Threat (Zone-wide Drop Quest) Uilliam (located in Waterfall's Basin) Collect Swamp Worms. 1500 38 Silver -
The Wind, The Azrael (Zone-wide Drop Quest) Raizel (located in Glimmermoor) Collect Mysterious Spores. 1750 38 Silver


The Lost History (Zone-wide Drop Quest)

Zahir (located in Wyrgast's Library)

Collect 10 Fragments of Lost Scroll. 2000 38 Silver -
The Ghost of Storm Cape ? Find the Ghost Captain Haien. 600 - -
Life Without Flesh Haien Talk to Haien and listen to his story. 600 - -
The Specter of Freedom Haien Kill 16 Iron Mast Pirate Ghosts or Iron Mast Pirate Zombies. 2400 54 Silver
  • Good Wisdom's Robe (38 Armor - All)
  • Lucid Wisdom's Robe (38 Armor - All)
  • Swamp Spider Leather Vest (72 Armor - Warrior, Ranger)
  • Vicious Naga Plate Mail Carapace (199 Armor - Warrior)
  • Shield of Snakeman Warrior (778 Armor - Warrior)
Out of the Past Rod of Storm Caller (dropped from Iron Mast Pirate Ghosts) Find the Rod of Storm Caller. Deliver the staff to the Ghost Captain Haien. 1450 12 Silver
  • Good Wisdom's Gauntlets (21 Armor - All)
  • Lucid Wisdom's Gauntlets (21 Armor - All)
A Ghost's Last Wish Haien Find all 3 Pirate Treasure Chests and destroy them. 3100 58 Silver -
A Ghost's Revenge Haien Kill Ziaduar the Storm Bringer. 3000 54 Silver
  • High Level Wizard's Amulet (All)
  • High Level Priest's Amulet (All)
  • Ice Crystal Necklace (All)
  • Rage Blade's Tooth (All)
Wyrtgast's Blood ? Buy a bottle of wine called "Wyrtgast's Blood" at the Gregarious Raven Inn in Miskatonia. 3000 54 Silver -

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