Swamp Giant
Swamp Giant is level 28 elite monster found in the Swamp of Wyrms, north west (mostly west) of Glimmermoor. If you are in combat with it, it will play a very special music that can only be heard in Arkan's Field.

It always drops the Master Sergeant's Symbol and has respawn time approximately in 6 hours.. The drop rate is estimated on low through many players' experiences.

As of the long respawn time and high demand of it's drops, this monster is very rare.

Swamp Giant
Level: 28 Money: ? Gold ? Silver  ? Copper
General loot

Windstorm Cloak of the Desert
Belief Cloak of Holy Resistance
Handbook: Silver Caligae
Iron Clad Bow
Green Stone Necklace of Holy Resistance
Halannaer Guard Plate Mail Carapace

Quest loot

Material loot

Master Sergeant's Symbol

Pet loot:
Location(s): Swamp of Wyrms: Fealu Plains, Glimmermoor

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