Swamp Fish King is a level 31 elite mob that is required for the Achievement - Rare Blood in Swamp of Wyrms.

He is located on the beach near Wyrgast's Library, usually accompanied by up to 6 baby fishfolk mobs, Swamp Fish King's Son (level 30).

He will respawn every 3 hours.

Drops Edit

Swamp Fish King drops level 31-34 equipment, with a higher chance to drop rare quality items since he is an elite mob.

Noteworthy drops include:

Item Lvl Type
Captain's Symbol
Cold Stream Fishfolk Fledling Pet
Swamp Fishfolk Fledgling Pet
Awl Pike 34 Two-Handed Polearm
Cunning Projector 34 Ranged Crossbow
Degenerator's Ring 34 Ring
Serpent Slayer 34 Two-Handed Sword
The Blade of Witchcraft 34 One-Handed Dagger
Thunder Bow 34 Ranged Bow
Vicious Crandall 34 One-Handed Hammer
Degenerator's Necklace 32 Necklace

Images Edit

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