Supremely Accurate Stan is one of the most common Trappable Pets, along with Unpredictable Magic Stan and Charming, Deft Vicky.

As with all original pets, this pet is available for exchange during the Christmas festival to upgrade it, doubling its stats and turning it into Enchanted Supremely Accurate Stan.


  • Binds when picked up.
  • Summons Supremely Accurate Stan. Supremely Accurate Stan will increase your teammates' Melee and Ranged Hit Levels by 14.

How To GetEdit

This is one of two Trappable Pets that is only obtained by capturing it in the wild. Despite that, it remains one of the most commonly spawned of the trappable pets. It spawns most frequently in Under Realm, due to the ease in finding and capturing mounts there, which can force this pet to spawn.

It can be seen in PvP zones:

  • Under Realm: Mato - Its path runs a circle inside the four landmarks on the map (grey area, two dark purple dots, and a large rock.)
  • Eternal Frostlund: Palu - Its path goes up the road leading to Palu, turns left before Palu, and runs through the elf mobs towards the road.
  • Eternal Frostlund: Red City - Its path starts North of Hammer's Fall, and goes into Red City following the main road, briefly straying off the road into demons.

Spawn ConditionsEdit

This pet has no special spawn conditions and can spawn any time, every day.
Note: Pets share spawn cycles with mounts, and only one mount OR pet can be spawned in the same zone at a time.

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