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Super Armor Scraps

Super Armor Scraps

Super Armor Scraps is required for some Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Tailoring Crafting recipes.

It is dropped by level 49-59 monsters in The Great Desert, but mostly in Sinskaald Rift.

Note: The same monsters also drop Mage Cloth

The Great Desert:

Level Monster
49 Sacrathar Assassin
49 Sacrathar Priest
49 Sacrathar Priestess
51 Barlock Lord

Sinskaald Rift:

Level Monster
50 Saltyhead Harpoonist
50 Saltyhead Shaman
51 Saltyhead Warrior
51 Waste Valley Archer
51 Waste Valley Bandit
51 Waste Valley Mage
52 Labaulan Aggressor
52 Labaulan Swallower
52 Saltyhead Chieftain
52 Saltyhead Wrestler
53 Crazy Heretic Thief
53 Crazy Heretic Warrior
54 Crazy Heretic Mage
54 Farseer Asabonar
54 Frenzied Heretic
54 Ghost Archer
54 Ghost Mage
54 Ghost Swordsman
54 Harris Wolfbane
54 Heretic Darkmage
54 Heretic Elite
54 Ignorant Heretic
54 Merciless Heretic
55 Ghost Archer
55 Ghost Guard
55 Ghost Overseer
55 Red Hand Haelyn
55 Ryuk Teng the Brute
55 Yenna

Confused Exile

55 Stimulated Exile
55 Wandering Imp
56 Redtrophi Queen
56 Redtrophi Soldier
56 Redtrophi Soul Loser
56 Redtrophi Worker
56 Wild Contaminator
56 Wild Screamer
57 Proud Silar
57 Thistlevillus Blademaster
57 Thistlevillus Cabalist
57 Thistlevillus Sentry
57 Thistlevillus Sneaker
58 Fel Shadowbringer
58 Lava Shadowbringer
58 Magma Behemoth
58 Storm Behemoth
59 Nulurop
59 Umbra Behemoth
59 Umbra Imp
59 Umbra Shadowbringer

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