Sticks and Stones
Take 8 Engraved Obsidian Weapons from the Saithion
Quest Info
Start Healoncv
End Lirus
Location Bordhill
Rewards Armor, Money
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Quest Text Edit


Healoncv - "Greetings, Ranger. I know you've fought the Saithion before - have you noticed their peculiar weaponry? They're carved with writing. Sister Lirus insists these things could be crucial to deciphering more about Saithion life and culture.

I think if we could get 8 such weapons from the Saithion, it would be a good start. You could procure them from Siithrax or from their camps throughout the swamps. Once you have 8, bring them directly to Lirus."


Lirus - "Thank you, Ranger. I'm sure there'll be a wealth of information about the Saithion to be gleaned from these..."

Reward Edit

Shield of Snakeman Warrior

Barbarian Plate Mail Grips

24 Silver

Required Edit

8 Obsidian Weapon

Walk-through Edit

Follow the road west out of town, take a right at the sign post. Follow the road down the hill and at the base will the Snakeman fighters. Kill, loot bodies, and return to Bordhill. Go see Lirus, who is at the foot of the stairs of the windmill to turn in items and claim reward.

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