Stable Strong Defender's Helmet is the best helmet in the game for tanks at the moment. It gives good bonus' but it comes at either quite a price, a lot of work, or a bit of both.


Stable Strong Defender's Helmet

Dropped by:Edit

Stable Strong Defender's Helmet isn't dropped directly from a monster, but is created by a Handbook.

The Handbook used to create Stable Strong Defender's Helmet is: Handbook:Stable Strong Defender's Helmet

Name Level Location
Any Relic's Key Monster 60 Relic's Key

Purchased from:Edit

Again, the Stable Strong Defener's Helmet isn't purchasable directly from anyone, but the Handbook can be. The handbook can be purchased from an NPC or on the Auction House for a large amount of gold.

Name Level Location Price
Schean 50 Relic's Key 90

How to create:Edit

To create a Stable Strong Defender's Helmet, first you need to have Master Blacksmithing. Then you need to formula for the helmet which can be purchased from the Auction House or from one of the methods above. Then you need to have Strong Defender's Helmet. These is the Rune (Blue) version of this helmet which can be bought for runes. Finally, you need 1 Essence of Swamp from Alr-Rahjil, the final boss of Relic's Key.

Once you have all these, you can create a Stable Strong Defender's Helmet just like any other recipe.

Emzi (Observer's Market) (Guild: Venom) 23:21, June 23, 2012 (UTC)

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