Spirit Seers
Kill 16 Indigo Spirit Seers
Quest Info
Start Eislotire
End Eislotire
Location Hall of Reverie
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
Torch of Souls The One and Only

Quest Text Edit


Eislotire - "We will send you to The One, and take a rare chance to finally end the war against our unseen enemy.

Before this, you must make sure that you have cleared the way. There is an unusual amount of Fishfolk - Spirit Seers - around. They can see a reality not seen by mortals. They must be swept away.

But don't ever try to approach the walls of the red tower. It is where The One decides our fate; he develops a strategy and then carefully moves us like pawns in a chess game."


Eislotire - "Everything has been prepared. Let me have a short moment now, for we will finally strike against our god."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Waker Honorable Leather Hood
  • Obsidian Plate Helmet
  • Sacred Spirit Flamen's Amice

87 Silver

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