Spiders in the Woods
Kill Green Weaver and Fire Weaver Spiders
Quest Info
Start Ivan
End Ivan
Prerequisite none
Location Reeves Manor
Rewards Legplate or Skirt
Previous Next
none The Spider Queen

Quest Text Edit


Ivan - "We used to hunt in Darknet Wood, northeast from here.

Place used to be full of boars. And woves. And deer. And bears.

But then the spiders came out from the swamp. No other beasts could match them. Now it's just spiders, spiders, spiders. And with the other animals all gone, those spiders are starting to target us.

They're dangerous. And ugly. Their numbers need to be cut back."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Glorious Knahswah's Plate Mail Legplate
  • Timber Wolf Leather Trousers
  • Faith Wisdom Skirt
  • Neutral Wisdom Skirt

15 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Weaver spiders are in Darknet Wood. Follow the road downhill out of Reeves Manor. Take a left at the signpost. Keep following road until you see the entrance to spider lair which is an archway with a spider web. Enter, kill Green and Fire Weaver Spiders. Return to Ivan when finished.

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