Spider Eggs
12 Weaver spider eggs
Quest Info
Start Edith
End Edith
Prerequisite none
Location Reeves Manor
Rewards Edith's Pie, Silver
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit

Beginning of Quest:

Edith - "Oy! Just hold on there, little sapling!

You ever eaten a piece of spider-egg pie? Sounds terrible, right?

WRONG! It's the best thing you'll ever put in your mouth! Edith promises you that! If you bring Edith a dozen spider eggs, Edith will bake you a whole pie all for yourself!

I'm Edith, by the way.

Reward Edit

10 Edith's Pie. Requires level 15. Resotres 940 HP and 1,420 MP over 20 sec. Must remain seated while eating.

17 Silver

Required Edit

12 Weaver Spider Egg

Walk-through Edit

Weaver spiders are in Darknet Wood. Follow the road downhill out of Reeves Manor. Take a left at the signpost. Keep following road until you see the entrance to spider lair which is an archway with a spider web. Enter, kill Weaver Spiders, and loot the bodies until 12 eggs are obtained. Return to Edith to giver her the eggs and to claim your reward.

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