Silver Mistress
Steal the Obsidian Dragontooth from the Saithion shaman in the Saithion Lair.
Quest Info
Start Jifara
End Jifara
Prerequisite Permission to Enter
Location Wyrgast's Library
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit


Jifara - "Greetings, mortal. I'm glad you happened along, for I need to mete out a just punishment, too paltry for me to deal with. The High Council of my people, the Wyrgast, is about to convene, and we shall be much preoccupied in the coming days...

There is a certain tribe of Saithion - I believe you call them snakemen - who have offended me by esuming to possess an obsidian dragontooth, which they worship like idiots, when they know full well how much I love obsidian... its luxurious black luster, the way the dhades of black, charcoal, ebony and sable swirl together like shades of night upon night, oh! It is the tender belly of th eNight itself made Mineral, as if it were preparing to give birth to Ultimate DArkness, cold and hard and smootha nd black, black, BLACK! OH! Excuse me... Where was I? Oh yes!

You know of the city of Miskatonia? The Saithion of who I speak are camped in the southeast of the city. Go there and take the obsidian dragontooth from their shaman."


Jifara - "Ahhhh... Yessssss.... Black as night, cold as ice, the relic for which I have lusted...."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Good Wisdom's Trousers
  • Lucid Wisdom's Trousers

47 Silver

Required Edit

Obsidian Dragontooth

Walk-through Edit

Go North to the Saithion Lair and kill the DragonBlood Summoner. Loot body and return to Jifara.

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