Shadows in Fog
Talk to Nokunambu.
Quest Info
Start Umano, Chieftain of Glimmermoor
End Nokunambu
Prerequisite Strange Shadows
Location Glimmermoor
Rewards none
Previous Next
Strange Shadows none

Quest Text Edit

I heard you spoke with Nokunambu. He's as nervous as they come; his mother drowned after drinking a bottle of Burning Blade and getting lost in the swamp.. Found her face down three days later... You can see where he'd have abandonment issues.

The village elders looked into the tentacles you found... of course they are a natural invasive species, nothing supernatural about them at all.

Let everyone know you killed these creatures, they're perfectly natural, and will probably not trouble our marshlands any longer.

Good work! Together we'll bring progress to this backward swamp!"


Nokunambu - "Yeah, Umano's always right.. Even when he's wrong... Guess that's why he's a politician"

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