Shadow Prince - Level 60


This new elite was added in Order and Chaos Update 2 and is a brand new elite in Tear Coast for lvl60's. He is however, a lot harder than any other elite in the game (so far) so should be fought with by a team or group of players.

He is North of Silent Castle, past the minotaur guards, which stop low level players entering this dangerous area. He is also guarded by Shadow Warriors (lvl60) and Shadow Priests (lvl60). They also patrol the Shadow Prince, making it evermore difficult to kill him.

The Prince has a respawn time of 40 minutes. The location is also a PvP area, new to the Tear Coast, this makes it ever more difficult to kill as other players can, and will, attack you.

He drops Epic recipes for trinkets ,1 to 3 Champion's Symbols and a Soul Stone.

The recipes he drops cost the blue medal (which need to be crafted with a recipe from the Shadow Warrior/Preist drops) and 2 Essense of God. You craft them by clicking on the (tradeable) recipe.

The certain trinkets relate to each class :

(info provided by Teaweasle)

The Mark Recipes are all for Monk Classes

The Brand Recipes are all for Ranger Classes

The Medal Recipes are all for Warrior Classes

The Knowledge Recipes are all for Mage Classes

There are 2 of each medal, one for each talent tree, for each class.(20 symbols are needed to craft one)

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