Saltwater Bulette Armor
Collect 5 Bulette Skins from the Saltwater Bulettes.
Quest Info
Start Volitreza
End Volitreza
Prerequisite none
Location Port Eversummer
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit


Volitreza - "There's nothing wrong with taking a break... but to rest for an entire century?

The world changed while we slumbered in The One's embrace. The northern kingdon of Elves fell... Demons crawled out of the earth and now wonder the world of flesh. I even hear the Sinskaald Rift valley has sufferen another decimation... And as for our once-glorious city... It lies in mere ruins now. It's so sad.

And yet... the ocean never changes, even after a hundred years.

Since you're here to help us, I want to do a favor for you.

But first I will need some bulette skin. Bring me five skins from the Saltwater Bulettes on the west coast... and I will create for you a leather materpiece."


Volitreza - "Perfect!"

Reward Edit

Undead Detective Leather Mitts

58 Silver

Required Edit

5 Bulette Skin

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