Ronour is a male Quest giver located on top of a building on the northern side of Crimson Tower: Antoria.

He also appears in the hills southeast of Antoria, as part of an old quest that was removed from game.

Quests Edit

He starts the following quests:

Quest Level Exp Gold
Ronour's Fear 44 1720
Fragile Souls 44 11390 1 Gold 27 Silver
Desert Flowers 44 10350 1 Gold 27 Silver
Blood Clots 44 10350 1 Gold 27 Silver
The Bearer of Good News 45 1760
Shiny Trinkets 45 10570 1 Gold 33 Silver
My Real Desert Flower 45 1760
The Wrong Kind of Attention47 1830
The Old Switch-A-Roo 47 11020 1 Gold 44 Silver

Images Edit

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