Rock Fist (Frostland Guardian)

Ok i just found out this method which is really good for levelling up and kiling dark elf using rock fist. =) You can make him into a tank! 

1. Buy great bear's claw and squire's patience (I actually bought the great bear's claw for mistake but it really helps!)

2. For your first skill, I recommend getting the crushing blow skill.

3. Keep upgrading up his crushing blow skill and thick fur skill to level 4. DONT LEVEL UP ANY OTHER SKILL.

4. By this time you should have enough money to buy the Akhan cutlass. So buy the Akhan cutlass and DONT buy the jade axe. Jade axe can help buts it's recommended to buy akhan cutlass. It's just 300 coins more!

5. Level up Rock Fist's avalanche skill and upgrade it to level 4

6. By the time when you have fully upgraded Rock Fist's avalanche skill, you should have already won the match. If not, buy some more equipment and upgrade your last skill, the quake skill.

Ok if you got puzzled about which skill to upgrade it is here:

Level 1: Crushing Blow skill

Level 2 Thick Fur skill

Level 3: Crushing blow skill (2)

Level 4: Thick Fur skill (2)

Level 5: Crushing blow skill (3)

Level 6: Thick Fur skill (3)

Level 7: Crushing Blow skill

When you reach level 14 and your avalanche skill is level 3, they will get you to upgrade the quake skill

By Xzoctic

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