Resonance Stone
Talk to Harustri, and create a Resonance Stone.
Quest Info
Start Mashorin
End Gishadin
Prerequisite Devotion Pearls
Location Port Eversummer
Rewards none
Previous Next
Devotion Pearl The Chains That Bind

Quest Text Edit


Mashorin - "This is plenty. With these pearls, we can create a Resonance Stone.

You know, as Eristars, we have always been quite proud of our psionic abilities. The Undead have powerful spells, the lizardmen in the desert are guarded by a deity... But we wield unbelievable psionic skills.

We have created many wonders, including the Resonance Stones. They were origionally crafted decades ago by some of our wisest psions. Their purpose was to allow the councils in the seven psionic towers to communicate with one another.

Since that time, we've lost control of the towers and the stones no longer serve this purpose... But they are still very special stones.

Only one of the four Archpsions who have knowledge of the Resonance Stones is on our side. Harustri is waiting for you at his own tent. Tell him what we want him to do. He will make a Resonance Stone for you. When you return, Ranger, Gishadin will explain our plans."

Harustri - "I am Harustri. Why are you here, Ranger? You are not an Eristar."

You - "Mashorin sent me here to get a Resonance Stone."

Gishadin - "Even the greatest Archpsion needs at least a month to make a true Resonance Stone.

(Gishadin breaks the original Resonance Stone into blocks, show you one of them, and reads a spell.)

This should be enough for your cause.

If something should ever happen to Harustri, this skill would be forgotten. I hope he remains safe, or this may be the last Resonance Stone made by the Eristars."

Required Edit

Original Resonance Stone

Walk-through Edit

Go to the tent on the hill in Port Eversummer. Inside speak with Harustri and he will give you the resonance stone. Go to the tent that Mashorin is at, and speak to the man next to him Gishadin.

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