Reinforced Heavy Marcasite Axe

Binds when equipped
Two-Handed Axe
94-120 Damage
Speed 3.0
(35.7 Damage per second)
+13 Strength
+13 Stamina
Requires level 25
Allowable Class
Equip: Increase critical level by 11.

Sell:     47 Silver 52 Copper

Reinforced Heavy Marcasite Axe is a level 25 Two-Handed Axe produced by Blacksmiths.

Handbook Edit

Handbook: Heavy Marcasite Axe also teaches how to craft Reinforced Heavy Marcasite Axe. It requires Intermediate Foundry 180 to buy and learn.

It is sold by Foundry Trainers for 40 Silver.

Materials Edit

The materials required to craft this are:

Images Edit

Reinforced Heavy Marcasite Axe desc

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