Icon rattle drum
Rattle-Drum is the primary currency for the Spring Festival.


Binds when picked up
"Some Eastern merchants seem to have an interest in it."

Obtained from Edit

Currency for Edit

Kang Lu items (mounts, pet) Edit

Icon mount bond Bond: White Puffball 1200
Icon mount bond Bond: Lion Dance 888
Icon dumpling Dumpling (pet) 666

Zhang Jiao items (weapons) Edit

Icon demonic scepter Demonic Scepter 599
Icon flame screamer Flame Screamer 599

Liu Yao items Edit

Icon bloody heart Bloody Heart 8
Icon nose ring Nose Ring 8
Icon tasty peach Tasty Peach 10

Li Jie items (toys) Edit

Icon hamsterball Hamsterball 3
Icon sky lantern Sky Lantern 3
Icon amber bull Brash Bull Amber 5
Icon amber monkey Monkey Fur Amber 5
Icon amber skeleton Skeleton Queen Amber 5

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