Protect the Food!
Kill the Mountain Boars to protect the food.
Quest Info
Start Jason the Rock Head
End Jason the Rock Head
Prerequisite none
Location Reeves Manor
Rewards Boots, Silver
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit


Jason - "I've got boars eating up all of my corn! If I'm gonna feed my granny, I'll need the income from my corn field!

Do me a favor, would ya? Kill the damn things!"


Jason - "You're the best!"

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Glorious Knahswah's Plate Mail Boots
  • Timber Wolf Leather Boots
  • Faith Wisdom Shoes
  • Neutral Wisdom Shoes

15 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Follow the path up the hill to the two fields. Kill Mountain Boars. Return to Jason for reward.

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