Proof or Poof
Check Mr. Reeves Box
Quest Info
Start Mr. Reeves
End Mr. Reeves.
Prerequisite Question the Spy
Location Reeves Manor
Rewards Silver
Previous Next
Question the Spy The Real Letter

Quest Text Edit

Well... Yes. I was, at one point, involved with Darksong. But I can assure you that Darksong was NOT involved with this cave heist.

It's obvious that the whole thing is a plot! Ad a very ppoor one at that.

Go into the house behind me. Check my box. In it, you will find my personal handkerchief which my great-greandmother embroidered for me on my first birthday. You will see my name on the handkerchief spelled "Q-u-i-n-t-i-n."

Whereas this letter, clearly meant as a plant fo frame me, has my name erroneously spelled "Q-u-E-n-t-i-n"...

(at end of quest)

There you have it!

I suspect that if you check one of the knaves' bodies, you will find the mark of the Bloodcloaks tattooed on the left forearm. Those good-for-nothing Clocks all brand themselves the same.

Required Edit

Mr. Reeves' Handkerchief

Reward Edit

16 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Follow the path up the hill, to the upper field. At the far end of the filed, behind some hay bales, is a chest. Open and retrieve the handkerchief. Go back and speak with Mr. Reeves to claim reward.

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