Talk to Roberia.
Quest Info
Start Roberia, Peace Envoy
Prerequisite none
Location Glimmermoor
Previous Next

Quest Text Edit


Roberia - "Hi, Ranger.

You must know that you're entering dangerous territory. You will not only encounter dangerous creatures, but also other wanderers who would seek to cause you harm.

These areas are known by some as 'the PvP areas'

Here are some useful items which might help you in these dangerous zones. Use them carefully - you cannot get more without runes."


Roberia - "Take these items and enjoy your adventure, but remember this: Pointless killing will only make you evil. Guard yourself and do what is right."

Reward Edit

4 War-Free Brand - other adventurers can't attack you in the PvP area for 1 hour.

Walk-through Edit

As you leave Glimmermoor using the road leading east, you will encounter a guard on the past. Speak to her and accept. The speak to her a second time to complete the quest.

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