Oruge is first seen in the quest, How to Make the Big Mojo. You have to collect Wolf Bones, there are wolves on the beach. You also have to collect Rotflowers which are the plants on the island. Then there is the shield that you have to collect, Orc Shaman's Sigil. Rogue can be really hard to defeat if you are a mage or a monk when you are low level because Oruge does 713 damage. If you are at level 30 or below, just keep on hitting him with what you have got and then he will fall down. Make sure that you have killed all the wolves on the island because when you start attacking Oruge, all the other wolves start attacking you. By the time you have layed a hit on Oruge, the wolves will have killed you. When you get all three of the quest items and complete the quest, you get 50 silver as reward money and then there is another quest that you have to do.

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