OC Olarmis

Speak to Olarmis

You have to speak to Olarmis a few times for different quests.

Talk to Olarmis, Chief of the Dustwind Tribe.

"Ankar Nomads" Quest.Edit

You will need to kill 5 Ankar Nobles and 5 Berserkers. Make sure you are around a level 45 for this or do quest with others. Those Nobles are mean!Edit

"Greetings From the Dustwind Tribe" Quest. Edit

Here you start the quest by speaking to Allon and finshin by speaking to Olarmis. "Blessings upon you, Outworlder. We are the Dustwind. Your presence is welcome here.
In fact - we've another outworlder among us. His name is Kariour. He was a mercenary whose bounty sent him here to the sands. I don't know the whole story; he rarely speaks of it. What I do know is that he found himself unable to carry out his mission for reasons of conscience.
This was twenty years ago. He's been living in our tribe ever since.
You should speak with him! I imagine he might enjoy hearing an accent from the world beyond. Talk to Chief Olarmis. He can tell you where to find Kariour."

"The Oasis" QuestEdit

Kill 3 Ankar Guard Captains, 3 Ankar Foremen and 5 Ankar Guards in a quarry to the west of the Oasis. This quest starts starts and finished with talking to Olarmis..

The text of the quest reads: "In the desert, noting has more value than water. Nomads feed their horses and their lizards... A merchant stops to drink from a well, suddenly a village is growing into a city. All because of water, which is given to us by the Great Wolf.

Ankar's slaves toil in the oasis to the west, gathering water and taking it to the Crimson Tower. We share water with them, but the Ankar priests have declared sharing to be a sign of weakness.

They declare the oasis to be the property of their Sorcerer King. They tell us that the Dustwind tribe has no rights to the water. What a joke! No one can own a gift from the Great Wolf.

Punish these arrogant knaves for their ambition. You can find them in their quarry near the oasis to the west."

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